For Agile Strategy contributors, practitioners and industry partners


Our purpose is to create an online environment where Agile Strategy contributors and practitioners can exchange ideas, collaborate and build practical solutions based on Agile Strategy to create a better future for business and the people working within it.

We do this by

  • Connecting contributors to focus on opportunities to promote and develop the concept and practices of Agile Strategy
  • Enabling practitioners to collaborate, pool ideas, share experience and support one another to address common challenges
  • Provide and curate a body of content about Agile Strategy
  • Enabling practitioners and industry partners to build and implement great solutions leading to winning results

Our Objectives

The Agile Strategy Website

Our public website provides an online destination for everyone to find out more about Agile Strategy. This website will promote the Agile Strategy concept and support a community of practice by providing insight, content, and debate about one of the most important issues faced by business today: how to develop winning strategies in an uncertain world.

The Agile Strategy Community

We have launched the Agile Strategy community on the new Guild app. Guild is a messaging platform for professional groups, networks, and communities. It provides a safe space for Agile Strategy practitioners to communicate, connect and collaborate.

Find out about our community here 

If you want to join:

If you’ve already received an invite from us, download the app, join Guild, then follow the link in your invite

The Agile Strategy subscriber resource

Phase 1: We intend to launch an online subscriber website for selected practitioners and industry partners to help them design solutions to implement Agile Strategy. This resource will provide rich content on the Agile Strategy concept and implementation framework, tools for facilitators, a community forum, a knowledge base of publications, case studies, and relevant articles. If you are interested in our subscriber website plans, please let us know using the contact form.

Phase 2: In the future, depending on subscriber interest, we intend to develop an online application to support clients with diagnostic tools and enable them to set up, manage and capture strategy briefings using our proprietary 5MAP™ tool.

Reasons to join the Agile Strategy community

  • Contribute to building knowledge and understanding of Agile Strategy

  • Promote and develop the concept and practices of Agile Strategy

  • Share ideas, experience and content about Agile Strategy

  • Provide authoritative content about Agile Strategy

  • Enable practitioners and industry partners to implement Agile Strategy solutions

  • Invitation to a private community group hosted on a private digital messaging platform


Join the growing community learning how to make strategy agile

The Agile Strategy Community of Practice

The Agile Strategy community connects the concept, and people interested in developing it, with practitioners and industry partners

Agile Operating Model Case Studies

Our case studies provide compelling evidence we can successfully implement an agile operating model in practice

Agile Strategy Implementation Solutions

Our solutions are designed to embed the disciplines and skills required to build strategically agile organisations.

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